Summary of _The Book of Enoch_by C.Ellis

The Book of Enoch is more than just a story of fallen angels and revelation.  There are 4 very important aspects of this book; one very specific to the study which “The Hebrew Scholar” will present, yet another is very important to your own personal study, BUT I shall touch on that briefly for now:


  1. The Fallen Angels – in the Days of Noah (as Noah’s book is sprinkled within the pages of this book) he speaks of these beings from the sky who defile earth.  Ya’ll know the rest of the story.  It gets crazy, enlightening, and ugly.  These Angels “pollute” earth with knowledge of good and evil and of science and astrology and technologies humans “were not to have” according to Noah and Enoch.


  1. Enoch’s Parables.  Enoch talks about his trip.  Well, he was “taken” rather.  He was taken to live with the Angels, and he talks about the multitudes of 10,000 by 10,000 of them and their places and the classes and their duties.  He specifically is shown the parts of the world where the fallen will be punished and he is also shown where the souls of those no longer living are kept.  He is taken and taught the secrets of the universe by the 4 Angels which covered “The Lord of Secrets” or The Most High, the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Phanuel.  These are the Angels which each have their authority and whom will “bound” and imprison the leaders and followers of the Fallen beings.


  1. Then after all the Angel stuff which is the most popular of the book, most forget the Dream parts.  Which I believe is the MOST important and relevant to understanding the history in the Bible and almost all the histories of the sacred texts in reference to the Hebrew Israelites:  This is Enoch’s Visions in his letters to Methuselah, his son.


    1. The first vision is terrifying- speaks of world destruction.  And Enoch is mortified because it’s too close to home and he must save his family’s legacy.  Hence, The Flood.
    2. The second vision is what’s Real:   It is the story of The Rams, the Bulls, and The Sheep.  Now if you haven’t read The Book of Enoch up to this point, I highly suggest you do, it’s a short chapter and I believe it to be the most beautiful.  –The History of the Bible is told in this story and it starts from the Fallen Angels and the destruction on Earth – to Noah and his 3 sons, fast forward to the Sheep who had 12 little sheep and 11 sheep sold one sheep away…There goes your Joseph sold to the Egyptians by his own brothers…But then it talks about how the 11 sheep meet with their brother again and they become a great nation together.  Man, I’m telling ya’ll…MUST READ.  The vision goes on to talk about this nation of Sheep (The Hebrew Israelite nation) going through so much tribulation after they were taken from the bondage of Egypt but they are protected by strong Rams who fight off their oppressors…it’s so obvious where the story goes…and mind you Enoch is prophesying this. If you are a little rusty on your bible stories, and would like to understand this piece of The Book of Enoch, I suggest you study the stories of Genesis, Exodus and of the Hebrew Kings and revisit The Book of Enoch at a later time. (For a fast and clean read of the old testament, I suggest using the Bible version in _The Message_ ).  It’s a wonderful experience when you have the back stories to understand this vision.


  1. And finally, the last section of this Book, is that at the end of Enoch’s vision, when all those sheep are no longer sheep but they are Bulls, again.  They are no longer “anointed” as what the figure sheep represents, and amongst all these Bulls and other animals begat from the “lost” nation of sheep, there is a Lamb.  And the vision ends.  Take that part however you want to take it and whatever path you have chosen in your learning of these texts and of your Spirit.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed the book like I have…it wasn’t as terrifying as I was led into it to believe…it was, however, an eye-opening experience.  There’s more to come and more lessons to learn.  I always encourage open discussions.  #Shalom, Selah


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