Hebrew Israelite Identity: Lesson I

The following website has served as a reference and learning guide of Hebrew culture for me and those I know for the past 10 years. I have cross-referenced the web-writer’s historical references and have followed along with his biblical readings for years. Before delving into the texts soon to follow, Lesson 1 is identifying the physical appearance of the Hebrew Israelite. Please read the entirety of the referenced page as it compares the physically & racial similarities of the Egyptians & the Israelites:




And the sons of Ham, Cush & Mizraim &  Phut & Canaan.   “Genesis 10:6”

For years, scholars, theologians and archaeologist have debated the answer to the question, “How did the ancient Israelites look physically?   Although the scriptures and other historical documents,  have left a lot of evidence that confirms the  physical appearance of the Israelites.  Much of this information is still unknown to the masses.  The popular belief today among Christians,  Scholars and theologians, is the people known as “Ashkenazi Jews” are the direct descendants of the ancient Israelites. But, can this be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? 

The answer is NO. 

The scriptures which will be used  as our  main source, supported by history and archaeology proves that these Jews are not the physical descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelite nation.  In addition it reveals who the true descendants are. The answer may leave you in shock.

Israel is mentioned in scripture over 2,500 times. The scriptures contain the Hebrews’ entire history.  In fact, no other people on the face of the earth have such an extensive recorded history, not even the ancient Egyptians.  Every thing we need to know about the ancient Hebrews is contained in Scripture.  Let’s examine these facts, information that to this day remains unknown or hidden to many “bible” readers.

                   ISRAEL IN THE LAND OF EGYPT

The history of the Israelite nation began in Egypt, the land of Ham. They entered Egypt 70 in number, (
including Joseph, his wife and two sons who were already in Egypt), and left numbering over two million people. Ancient Israel spent 430 years in Egypt. For half that time they enjoyed good favor with the Egyptians, but for the remainder of those years they were enslaved and horribly mistreated by them.

One of the  facts  scripture gives us about Israel (Ysrayl), is in regard to their physical appearance. Throughout scripture Israel is described as physically looking like the sons of Ham (Khawm), in appearance.

Ham was one of Noah’s three sons, Shem and Japheth were the other two. Noah’s descendants repopulated the earth after the Great Flood. Ham’s descendants are traced to the families of Africa.  Ham (Khawm) in Hebrew means BLACK, HOT AND BURNT.
Ham had four sons,

1.  CUSH (Ethiopians / Cushites & Nubians),
2.  MIZRAIM (Egyptians / Khemet),
3.  PHUT (Ancient Somalia),
4.  CANAAN (Canaanite, the original inhabitants of the land of Israel) genesis 10:6-19.

All four of Ham’s sons and their descendants settled in and around the continent of Africa, this includes the so called Middle East which is also a part of the Continent of Africa.  Ham sons are the people of the African continent, the Ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Somalia’s, Canaanites etc etc.

The Israelites are descendants of Noah son SHEM, through Abraham, he is the father of the Hebrew Israelite Nation.  Abraham is the father of Isaac, Isaac is the father of Jacob, Jacob had twelve sons and these sons are the progenitors of the Israelite nation.  The Twelve tribes of Israel are as follows: . . . 

The ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same type as all native born Africans. That being so, we can see how their blood mixed for several centuries with that of the Romans and Greeks, must have lost the intensity of it’s original color, while retaining none the less the imprint of it’s original mold. We can even state as a general principle that the face (referring to The Sphinx) is a kind of monument able, in many cases, to attest to or shed light on historical evidence on the origins of the people.”

The fact that the ancient Egyptians were black-skin prompted Volney to make the following statement:
What a subject for meditation, just think that the race of black men today our slaves and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, science and even the use of our speech.”





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