Short Essay on The Hebrew Language by C.Ellis

Seekers & Scholars, Ya’ll are Not going to believe this. The Spirit within me is bringing so much to my attention.  I meditate on these things, I ask for clairvoyance and understanding, but so much is just so dang obvious…  So, during my searches to provide you all with the best, highest quality of historical sources via text, movie, film, and book, I come across some junk and I come across some Beautiful Gems. Well, this time, I stumbled upon some more corruption exposed. Now, I will try my hardest to make this a safe place; to keep this group free from hatred towards others and free from anger towards the actions The Churches of the world has been putting on the meek and weak for centuries; BUT, since we are studying omitted Sacred Texts AND An Entire Lost Black Nation & History we cannot ignore all of the darkness. And It is ok to be Angry – What we can do is point out the disgrace, the darkness, the lies and the deception and then walk With/In the Light we have found. Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started on some of the reveals.  And I haven’t even finished reading the Ezra books yet! So in terms of the Christ who was on earth and his Apostles, they all were Hebrew, but they studied Greek. Now, “why?” do you ask. Well, here’s where things get fishy, The Hebrew language was becoming obsolete. Even then! I promise, I will get more into this during the summaries of the upcoming texts. But let’s fast forward to this Language today: Old school vs. New School:










There were no written vowel sounds in Hebrew and the words of the language were beginning to lose their value as Priests & Scholars (The Pharisees) of Christ’s day began to make the text and laws rigid and complicated – the meanings of words began to transform.  Now, for those of you who are like me and have studied linguistics and language in a formal academic setting, we know exactly where this is going as even English is the most evolutionalized language on Earth. But, most languages sans-language-of-Olde script similar to most Asian cultures –because the types of People have not changed…English in comparison is a language of many peoples, histories, and cultures.  Hence –Here’s the kicker – The Hebrew of today have the vowels added IN with the following marks you see above and below the script.  This not only changes the sounds of the words being spoken, but it also changes the meanings of words.  The reason why I am bringing this up is because most of the missing texts and a great deal of the Apocrypha and Ezra’s books were all once canonized in Greek texts when High Priests (hundreds of years after Christ) were summoned to translate from Hebrew to Greek – The 1665 Greek Septuagint (Greek Bible) is our most modern version (besides The Ethiopian Orthodox Bible) of “Apocrypha reading”…so much so, even Christ himself referenced it in his teachings and he preached in Greek.  Now Why!?! Why would they need to change the sounds of the Hebrew language, besides basic linguistic evolution why has it changed so drastically after the Christian church was created? The answer is in the case of cultural indifference – that the language was once bound to only the Hebrews until a new religious practice (Judaism) was developed.  It’s a language which was Taken from the People of Israel.  Remember, the Hebrews went through several generations of enslavement and persecution even BEFORE the Euro-American Slave Trade began.  The ancestors of various People of Color & Negros lost their language and it shows in these “modernized” versions of what they are calling “Hebrew today.”  The Hebrew (identity) of today is an Ashkenazi (“European” descendants of the Khazar Empire who helped established the Judaic religion and moved into Israel state after the Christian/Muslim wars) language commonly known as Yiddish.  The tribes found in various parts of Africa who have been proven to be Levites (Lembda) can’t possible have Yiddish as their first language.  I promise, all of this will make sense soon as we get deeper into our studies. And you don’t have to just take my word for it!:  The following texts, _The 13the Tribe_by Arthur Koesler, _In Racist, Marxist Israel_ …I will be adding to this essay as we move along in our studies and I will post the readings and videos to back up my statements…We are about to have revelations open in the II Esdras on a lot of what I just spoke here.  Brothers & Sisters: Namaste, Shalom, Selah.




The following video references “70 Books” missing from the Apocrypha, but in reality, “70 Versus” were taken out of II Esdras because The Most High asked Ezra to “hide” them.  These versus are now available to the modern world but it was Purposely left out of our Apocrypha today by Religious Scholars of Oxford & Cambridge Universities (also see video “CHILDREN OF ISRAEL IN APOCRYPHA” in “Movies, Videos” tab.).  We will go more into this when the Summaries of Ezra are posted.

2 Esdras Prophecy: The Falling Away of the Church & The Pharisee Canon


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