Hebrew Israelite Identity: Lesson III

Lesson #3 — How do we know the Blacks, “Coloured”, “Negro,” Dark races in North America (and parts of Europe) today are the “so called” Hebrews of Biblical history? We have no “connected” history before slavery and why? Well, scripture describes Black and African-American communities in detail. Because of their wrong doings in their dealings with the Most High, they were punished/Cursed for their wayward ways or Worshiping other gods. Let’s start with Leviticus. Here, I’ve attached a description from the online library of my favorite scholar:

“So far scripture has shown us, the children of Israel were a black skinned people from the beginning of their history. After the next three parts are presented you should have no doubt who the children of Israel are today.

The ancient Israelites entered into a covenant with The Most High (Deuteronomy 29:1). A covenant is an agreement or contract . They agreed to keep this covenant by following the laws, statutes, judgments, and commandments of Yah ( Exodus 19:5,8). The Creator’s part of the covenant was to make Israel a mighty, righteous nation who would be above all nations on the face of the Earth, (Exodus 19:5 – Deuteronomy 28:13).

The Hebrews would have been similar to what the United States is today, but they would have been one hundred times better. Israel would have been the greatest super power ever.

YAH also told the Hebrews that if they broke his laws and commandments there would be consequences, and these consequences would come in the form of curses or punishments. These curses would be heaped upon Israel because they did not obey Yah’s commandments and laws. They failed to keep their end of the deal, so to speak. In order for us to get a feel or understanding of who the Israelites are in the latter days, we must look for:

A people (of the same race and nationality) who are on the bottom socially, politically, economically and are the most despised, rejected and down trodden of society.

This is a partial description of the Children of Israel in the latter days. When you find this group of people, you have found the true descendants of the ancient Hebrews according to scripture.

Before I show the curses and go in to depth about them. I would like to present to you the people who fit these curses and prophecies like no other. The people who are down on every front of society and fully fit the description of Israel, are the so-called “Black people” of the western hemisphere, the people whose forefathers were brought to this part of the world in the bottom of slave ships.

I will show how these curses pertain to the “Blacks” of the United States. All the curses are relevant to all Black people who’s forefathers got to this part of the world as captive slaves.

We will begin with Leviticus Chapter 26. Verses 1 through 13 list the BLESSINGS that would come upon the Israelites if they obeyed, and followed Yah with all their heart, mind and soul. Verses 14 through 46 speak of the CURSES/PUNISHMENTS that would come upon Israel if they chose to disobey the laws of Yah. ”



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