Children of Israel in Apocrypha

Scholar, Seekers…EVER WONDERED WHY THE APOCRYPHA WAS REMOVED FROM THE BIBLE? EVER WONDERED IF THOSE TEXTS REALLY WERE A PART OF THE BIBLE TO BEGIN WITH??? This video contains very important knowledge of the Apocrypha in relation to Black Hebrew ancestry. There is so much of your History, and so much of your Culture and Way of Life in those missing texts. ALSO, THE TEXTS IN THE APOCRYPHA CONTAIN ENOUGH TRUTH WHICH ALL CAN relate to especially about what happens to your Spiritual Self after death (if you choose to believe). Please watch until the end. Also, please keep your emotions removed from the messengers in this video and focus on the scriptures and knowledge which they speak about. It is not a comfortable viewing BUT if you seek to know more, if you want answers, you’ll look past the Humanity and past the Discomfort for the GEMS. Keep studying, Keep Searching, Be Blessed, ‪#‎Shalom‬ ‪#‎Selah‬ ‪#‎Peace‬



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