Hebrew Israelite Identity Lesson IV.3

And the sons of Ham, Cush & Mizraim & Phut & Canaan. “Genesis 10:6”

” For years, scholars, theologians and archaeologist have debated the answer to the question, “How did the ancient Israelites look physically? Although the scriptures and other historical documents, have left a lot of evidence that confirms the physical appearance of the Israelites. Much of this information is still unknown to the masses. The popular belief today among Christians, Scholars and theologians, is the people known as “Ashkenazi Jews” are the direct descendants of the ancient Israelites. But, can this be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt?

The answer is NO.

The scriptures which will be used as our main source, supported by history and archaeology proves that these Jews are not the physical descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelite nation. In addition it reveals who the true descendants are. The answer may leave you in shock.

Israel is mentioned in scripture over 2,500 times. The scriptures contain the Hebrews’ entire history. In fact, no other people on the face of the earth have such an extensive recorded history, not even the ancient Egyptians. Every thing we need to know about the ancient Hebrews is contained in Scripture. Let’s examine these facts, information that to this day remains unknown or hidden to many ‘bible’ readers.”


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