EASTER Monday!?!? And Other Evils of Paganism

This Post (in its entirety) is to Shed Light On ALL of the False “Holi-Days” & The Highly Mis-Interpreted, Highly Mis-Understood Story of the Real Messiah Rising from the Grave.  Concerning these Un-Holydays, None were assigned by The Most High.




REBLOG from the Desk of Sola Paola

Jack O’ Lent and Easter

Jack O’ Lent is a Straw Man Effigy brought out on Ash Wednesday after Carnivale (Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday); pelted with muck and stones 40 days before being burned in Effigy on Palm Sunday. A Gaunt, Nobody, Simpleton, Puppet, Dwarf, Dressed in Rags, misused 40 days and burned on a Bonfire to represent Jesus Christ. Reminiscient of the Druid “Wicker Men” or Bohemian Grove sacrifices eh? In contrast, the Lord of Misrule is richly attired. Why represent Jesus Christ as Jack O’ Lent?

Jack O’ Lent is Tammuz (Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire) not Jesus Christ. Jesus’ public ministry began the way it ended, on Palm Sunday when strode in the East Gate and 3 years later when He rode into Jerusalem from the Mt of Olives through the East Gate; Herod’s “Eagle Gate”. The same Eagle Gate used on the $US, by the Mormon Church and by the Nazi Party. Now maybe you can see why the Swastika is called the “Broken Jew”.

Jesus overthrew the tables and whipped the money changers at the Temple who were selling Doves and Sacrificial Animals and exchanging Jewish money for Roman and Tyrian money for profit; the Temple was made a “Place of Merchandise” and “Den of Thieves”; Rabbis, Priests and Pastors who sell their services or collect “Tithing” are committing the same offence. Samaritans were called the “Dove Cult”; the Dove represents the Holy Ghost; it’s Free for the asking, from Jesus; Samaritans will of course sell you a fake version. Sacrificial Animals? God Sacrificed Himself so the killing could end. It did not, and Profit and Sacrifice are still the root cause of all Wars

Easter and Passover have nothing in common. In the West, Easter falls on the Sunday after the Full Moon following Spring Equinox, directed Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Constantine was Catholic right? No, Constantine and his mother Helena were Druids and Eggs were the symbol of their order. Easter and Sunday “Dies Solis” have nothing to do with the true Christian (Holy and Ekklesia) Church. Churches of the East (Assyrian, Coptic, Greek, Russian, Syrian Orthodox means “Having the correct opinion; they do not), Easter falls 14 days after the Full Moon following Spring Equinox. God established Passover “Pascha” at the Exodus ca 1492 BC on the Fixed day 14 days after the New Moon following Spring Equinox on 14 Nisan/Abib. Easter is a Satanic/Edomite moving, Morning (First Light in the East) Solar Holiday preceded by Lent (40 Days Weeping for Tammuz);
Passover is a God ordained, Fixed, Evening, Lunar Holiday.

Maundy Thursday (Last Supper) precedes Good Friday and Easter Sunday; what is so “Good” about the Crucifixion of God is hard to fathom. Counting 3 days from Good Friday until Resurrection Sunday is impossible because none of these days have anything to do with Jesus Christ. Hilariious isn’t it? That’s why March 25-April 3 it’s called “Hilaria”.

Hindoos Jesus the Huli Fool; Druid Priests mocked Jesus dressed as “Old Fools” and who can forget the April Fool’s Day “Fool’s Errands” mocking Jesus being sent from fake priest Annas to fake priest Caiaphas to Pontius Pilate to Herod and back to Pilate before being scourged. Pretty funny eh? Not to God!

Easter is roughly 260 days before Christmas, another day arbitrarily instituted under Constantine, because it corresponds with the Human Gestation period; the conception of Easter (Astarte, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Cybele, Isis) with “Sol” (Latins were/are Pagan founders of Rome) on “Dies Solis” at “First Light” on Easter Sunday with the birth of “Solis Invictus” 3 days after Solar Solstice 9 months later. Priests of Heliopolis (On) in Egypt celebrated the Easter Sunrise using the Ben-ben Pyramidion, so Easter is not new to Christianity by any stretch.

John the Baptist was born at Passover (14 Nisan/Abib); Jesus Christ was born at Feast of Tabernacles (15 Tishrei). Jesus was Crucified on Passover Eve (13 Nisan/Abib), laid in the Sepulchre on Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Nisan/Abib) and Resurrected on Feast of First Fruits (17 Nisan/Abib). The math works out better than Good Friday at “Even” to Ressurection Sunday at “First Light” doesn’t it? First Light=Dawn=Eos=Eostre=Easter=Lucifer. Make sense yet?

Herod the Great was Edomite; he tried to kill Jesus after His birth; he died after ordering the Slaughter of Innocents” around Passover of 4 BC some 18 months after Jesus’ birth; Nativity? Yup, that’s the Nativity of Sol not Jesus “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti”. In Acts 12:4 Herod Agrippa celebrates Easter with the killing of Jesus’ brother James “Bishop of Jerusalem” and attempted murder of Peter, the father of the Roman Catholic Church. Peter is a Small Stone; Jesus is the Immoveable Big Stone; Choose your Rocks carefully! Just because the Days of Unleavened Bread aligned with Easter that year does not make Easter a Christian Holy Day; it is an Edomite Holy Day derived from Babylonian origin. New bible versions change Easter to Pascha to hide the fact Edom’s holidays have become Jacob’s.

Rabbits don’t lay Eggs. Easter is Ishtar or Astoreth or Astarte, the same as Anammelech whose Idol is the Rabbit (Symbolizes Fertility and Promiscuity) in 2 Kings 17:30. The Mundane Egg was said to give birth to Osiris, floating down the Nile in Egypt; in Babylon, it was Tammuz floating down the Euphrates; pretty funny eh? Not to God! The Assyrians celebrated the Divine Union of Adrammelech (Moon) and Anammelech (Sun) by sacrificing children during the 40 days preceding the event. How? Passing them thorugh Fire of course! Colored Eggs symbolized levels of Druid initiation; the Orphic Egg “Omphalos” of Delphi symbolized protection of the world during the Flood; silly? Of course, just like Santa Claus; Elves; Cut and Decorated Evergreen Trees (Jer 10:3-4); Flying Red (Edomite) Nosed Reindeer; Chocolate Easter Rabbits, Hot Cross Buns (“Cakes for the Queen of Heaven”; Jer 7:18), H2O Baptisms (Jesus uses “Living Water” Spiritual Fire and the Holy Ghost; get a Baptism from God and you will know it!) and Trans-substantiated Eucharist. Folks, these are all Satanic. Time to Wake Up!

Jesuit (Militia of Zeus and Minerva) professor of Canon Law Adam Weishaupt said “Oh, mortal man is there nothing you cannot be made to believe”. I’m guessing your priest, or pastor knows this why not ask him or her, or better yet, why not become Holy (Called Out or Separate) and leave. One day you will need to explain Easter and Christmas to the Creator and Judge of the Universe; why not avoid the embarrassment and stop the nonsense?

SOURCE: http://theresnothingnew.org/

SOLA PAOLA 3/27/16

My Response:

“Avoid the embarrassment and stop the nonsense” YES! I love THIS! Broke it down one Empire at a time! Found a few more references for those who need it…

AND Halalwayah to this!

“First Light=Dawn=Eos=Eostre=Easter=Lucifer. Make sense yet?”

Is. 14:12
“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the Morning!” –KJV
“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn!” –ESV
“How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn!” –NIV

Lucifer of course (in Latin) meaning “Light-bringing, morning star”

No to Christmas:
Jer. 10:1-4
“1Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:2Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.3For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.4They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.5They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.”
A catholic-encyclopedia resource for the first Council of Nicaea (found this last night actually)
And also Druidism which is a Secret-Society-of-Olde, who practiced rituals and magick; the idea of reincarnation was thought to have originated from them…
Both of these links are interesting…they yield a lot of info but not enough exactness …as if the Roman Catholics do not want to “associate” or “own up” to the claims, I treat it like Wikipedia but because it’s coming directly from the horse’s mouth. I find it much more satisfying to pull the same info they use to define their Christian celebrations.


“The 3-Days in the Tomb” Confusion:


My Response (again about the Sepulchre). I was not correct about The Messiah spending 3 whole days in the tomb. Even the “calendar” is a little off.


“Ok so, I think I have a calendar which visually explains this piece more so that you can see a full 3 days pass – “laid in the Sepulchre on Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Nisan/Abib) and Resurrected on Feast of First Fruits (17 Nisan/Abib)” –will post it when I get it.”


Courtesy of Sister Ytyyah Yahudah Y’srael



But My Brother Yachacad brings it HOME!


“This subject has been the topic of much confusion.

When you realize that Hamashiyach was RAISED on the THIRD day then it all makes sense.

He was killed on the Passover/Day of preparation = 1 day.

The FIRST day of The Feast of Matzot, which was ALSO A SHABBAT, he was already in the tomb = 2 day

The dawn of the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK @ Evening time = When Miryam of Magdala went to the tomb and was met by the angels who said Hamashiyach was ALREADY RISEN…

He was RAISED on the third day, and not AFTER the third day.

Think about the DEATH more than the TOMB.

He died on the tree.

From the TREE to the TOMB was one day.

Inside the TOMB, which He was in during the SHABBAT/First day of the Feast of Matzot, was DAY TWO.

He was ALREADY RAISED by day three that evening. Remember a new day starts once the sun sets in the evening. So by the time that Miryam arrived, it was the “dawn of the new day” i.e. the evening of the first day of the work week.

RAISED = BACK TO WORK (never thought about, the ‘back to work’ statement like that, but thats how it was).”

John 20:1

Hosea 6-1-2

1 Corinthians 15:3-5 (**4)

-Brother Yachacad Sarad


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