The Real Sabbaths (on the Most High’s Calendar) Part I.

REBLOG (A Recap For Future Lessons on The True Shabbats)

The Hebrew Scholar: Identifying a People & Fulfilling a Prophesy

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“Insight From Our Heavenly Abba’s Light”

Monday, October 6, 2014

Yahuwah’s Lunar-Solar Calendar-Clock In The Heavens

There is a dark, interwoven worldly matrix system and spiritual veil of satanic deception which blinds the minds of the collective majority of humankind from the glorious light and liberating truth of our Creator YaHuWaH, the Most High EL. According to Genesis 1:14, He created and appointed His lunar-solar calendar-clock luminaries in outer space (heavens) as visual signs to guide us with His accurate dates and times. The lunar phases reveal all of the dates of the weeks, months and years (as well as the times of the four night-watches which are three hours each), while the solar positions reveal the specific daylight times, and when each twelve-hour day-period begins and ends

Unfortunately, most people (including those in Rabbinic and also Messianic Judaism, Roman Catholic Christianity, etc.) who believe in the…

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