“The Spirit Within is Much Greater than Ourselves” by C.Ellis

How May We Connect to The Spirit of The Most High?

The Hebrew Scholar: Identifying a People & Fulfilling a Prophesy

Why is that The Most High God, the God of the Hebrews (Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob) no longer speaks to us, we descendants of the Hebrew nation? -Let alone a regular human citizen of Earth?  Right. God stopped speaking directly to Humans, and WHY? Why is it that we no longer hear a voice, we see no burning bush, nor do Angels declare themselves to us in the name of The Most High?

Regardless of what religion one has or what walk he or she is in, neither has their gods spoke to them either! And, if a “god” has spoken to them, and did not come to them in the Name of the Most High (or at least revealed who he is to them) how do we know that spirit is of The Most High???

These are the many questions that are asked of men and woman alike within…

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