Welcome Seekers & Fellow Scholars:   This webpage has been set up as a Reference Guide for You while your are on this Journey of Discovering Your Truth.  This resource is for those who are searching for something whether it be an Identity and/or a History: You are welcomed here to learn, comment, and join the ranks of educating yourself during this “Black” Awakening.  To those who would like to know more of your Bible, you are also welcome to read & learn here. And for those who need a voice to follow when it comes to stating who You Are and Where You are Going with Your New-Found Identity, you will find comfort knowing that the scholarship of the materials you need to prove your points and Identity is all right here; thus, this blog is also catered to you. “The Hebrew Scholar” represents the History of the Hebrew Nation and the lost Sacred Texts which have been removed from or omitted from or BANNED from the modern Bible: The Apocrypha , The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Book of Jubilees, The Lost Gospels, The Book of Enoch, and many more!  This web-space is here as a tool to spread knowledge of these texts and knowledge of a lost nation  recognized today as “Blacks”, “African-Americans” and also various Peoples of Color scattered across the Globe who are told through a great number of these scriptures that they are the Descendants of the 12 “lost” Tribes of Israel.

**NOTE**This is a platform for those who are a part of the Awakening of a lost Black Heritage and of the World around you. Texts are of a collegiate nature, Videos and Movies are extracted/approved from a series of personal and collective views, “claims” will always have a source, and Spirit may be present.  Do not be alarmed if you find this information too over-bearing or overwhelming.  May The Most High God guide you through your personal study. Shalom. Selah. The Way, The Truth, & The Light.


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